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Technology Times is the first and only newspaper of Pakistan in the field of Science and Technology (S&T) online as well as in print. At Technology Times we are targeting to create awareness of science & technology in Pakistan. We believe that knowledge (and particularly scientific and technological knowledge), had become the primary force propelling both national economic well-being and global economics. And this can be achieved through awareness of masses.

The objectives of Weekly “Technology Times” are: to disseminate information among masses, to project Pakistani scientists and technocrats, and to develop academia-industrial liaisons in Pakistan. Technology Times was launched on 4th January, 2010 and focused on issues related to agriculture, climate change and environment, energy, science higher education and Info-communications technologies (ICT).

Sustainable Mena is a unique platform for the Middle East and North Africa region offering Businesses and general public networking tools and relevant information related to Sustainability. Our main feature is the Green Directory, an interactive, user-friendly database accessible to all; and together with other important features such as the Green Network and the Green Events Calendar makes Sustainable Mena the one-stop source for sustainability.
In 2009, Goumbook launched the only online green directory dedicated to the Middle East. Building on the former Green Directory today Goumbook launches Sustainable Mena, a complete Sustainability platform, inviting all to actively participate, share interests and use synergies to fulfill our common goals towards Sustainability.
Sustainable Mena is a great resource for locating sustainable businesses, giving exposure and recognition for their own green and sustainable efforts, and advertising their products and services.
We list businesses, Government Institutions, NGO’s, charities and media sources among other entities promoting sustainability.
Our mission is to help consumers, retailers and manufacturers interact and source products, services and materials consolidating green information on products, services, and sustainable solutions specifically relevant and available in the UAE and across the Region.
Our vision is to grow into the main reference for environmentally conscious people and businesses across the MENA Region.
We envision the MENA Region to become a place where economic development is based on shared, efficient and sustainable use of natural resources, therefore our desire to create a resource for a new global community focused on environmental responsibility, uniting environmental experts, organizations, businesses and consumers from the Region.

Texas American Eel Association was created to protect the American eel in Texas from the state agencies that continue to under mine the American eel migration routes and environment for this native species ,the state agency most responsible is Texas Parks and Wildlife Department who have repeatedly falsified Federal Environmental Impact Reports about the eels Population to get federal approval to build saltwater barriers ,hydro dam permits without the need to build fish right a ways around the dams and saltwater barriers even violating the state code and laws over the last 30 years and to get permits to fill in places like Rollover Pass in Galveston county which happens to be a major migration route for spawning eels ,along with many other sea life ,like sea turtles ,flounder also use Rollover Pass to excess the Bays and Gulf at time of migration , all because of political connections too Texas Parks and Wildlife Departments budget and to protect their income from recreational freshwater fishing industry our goal is also to bring Eel Aquaculture to Texas

For as long as I can remember I have been interested in the natural world and environment, as a child I was an avid bird watcher, a hobby I still pursue to this day. Later on in life my other hobby of photography developed into a full time profession. In the early 2000’s I was documenting allsorts of environmental issues when I chanced upon a book called High Tide, by Mark Lynas. Mark is a journalist who had travelled to several places around the world to talk to people about climate change. The book was a wake up call to me, and I thought I should organise my first specific climate change photo shoot. I did so to Alaska in 2004. I looked at permafrost melt, glacial retreat and forest fires, but what had the most lasting impact on me was the week I spent on Shishmaref. Shihsmaref is a tiny sand bar island between Alaska and Siberia, and home to 600 Inuits. The sea ice used to form around their island in late September, but in a warming world, the ice wasn’t forming till maybe Christmas. Any early winter storms, would knock chucks out of their island, and was washing their homes into the sea. As hunter gatherers they were least responsible for climate change, but were being most impacted by it. I returned from Alaska determined to make this my life’s work. is the first environmental website in Lebanon and the Middle East, it was launched in February 2015 by the Lebanese Company for Information & Studies.
It is one of the most important websites locally and internationally, branching out in 4 languages; English-Arabic-French-and Spanish, ranked 9 in Lebanon according to Alexa and among the 11,000 most popular websites in the world. works with the best environmental experts and journalists to cover the latest scoops regarding the environment and its effects towards the people, trying to raise awareness in what concerns this domain, along with trying to help fight any harm that might affect the earth negatively. powers Green Area Association which works towards protecting and caring for all wildlife in the region, giving them a chance to live a longer and healthier life by caring for their needs, and help planting in people’s minds the importance of the environment and preserving it.

Announcing Nature Sustainability

Launching in January 2018, Nature Sustainability will publish research contributing to a deep understanding of the ways in which we organize our lives in a finite world and the multiple impacts our actions have. Beyond fundamental research, the journal will attract studies of policies and solutions to ensure human well-being now and in the future. Its aim is to facilitate important cross-disciplinary dialogues to respond to the greatest challenges of our time.

The journal is now welcoming submissions, click on the logo for more information.